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Mari's Journal

There was some party on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and my 
friend Haitian Guy (lol!) decided to go check it out. It was 
18+; they were checking IDs at the door. I went first, and when 
they were checking Haitian Guy's they asked for his birthday, 
thinking his was a fake. (He's 23.) I laughed at him for that. 

Anyway, we were supposed to meet a friend of mine there but the 
guy just vanished. Prolly doing drugs in the bathroom haha.
So we got there at like 11 and just partied for hours.
(Short snapchat video filmed on my potato phone - 

Haitian Guy went off to find a bathroom, and all of two seconds 
later a guy approaches with me, we dance a bit and then he asks 
me if I smoke. (Weed). I tell him I don't have any and he's 
like, "yo come outside! we can smoke out there!" Not exactly the 
best idea on my part (stranger danger, kids) but I follow him 
out. And so I text Haitian Guy:

So we're sitting in this guy Marino's car, and Marino is drunk 
as fuck and sharing his liquor with us. His weed guy didn't come 
through, though, which sucks, but we still got to chatting for a 
while. Haitian Guy went and bought us some water because the bar 
in he club had a $30 minimum to buy anything. (The fuck? Fucking 
NYC, man.)

So Haitian Guy and my drunk self ended up returning to the club 
sometime later and just partied hard until like 3AM. That's when 
people started dispersing so he and I left and sat down on a 
bench by the club. I found a pack of cigarettes on the bench and 
put them in my purse to give to Brandon later. Maybe twenty 
minutes later this guy comes out of nowhere and looks really 
pleadingly at us, "Did you guys happen to see a pack of 
cigarettes out here?"

Me: "Oh yeah here!" And I give it to him, and he thanks me and 
gives me one. Lmao.

Haitian Guy commends me, saying he would've kept them. Haha.

We took drunk selfies on my potato-quality phone 

And then we tried to find a Dunkin Donuts cuz I needed coffee. 
Found one like a mile away and walked to Columbus Circle. Kind 
of an adventure haha! We get to DD, get bagels and coffee and 
then start our usual back-n-forth bullshit that makes a stranger 
start giggling. It's a nice feeling.

We walk so we're right outside Central Park and sit down on a 
bench, and start chatting. There's a couple making out like 
twenty feet away - awks! Everytime we look over they're just 
going at it. Mind you we were there for like an hour! We sat on 
that bench until sunrise, so it was around 5:30 when we entered 
Central Park.

Now, for those who don't know the layout of Manhattan, it's 
pretty much split into two sections, West Side and East Side. 
Central Park is smack in the middle (duh). The party was at West 
72nd St. Where I wanted to go (Union Sq) was at East 16th 
street. SUPER FAR.

We manage to get through the park after an hour or so (took a 
fifteen minute nap on bench) and then trekked on.

On the way, I spotted a bird on the brick fence and approached 
it. It didn't fly away so I got really close and snapped a 

[ Dropbox snapchat of how close I got - don't mind my lameness - ]

We made it to Fifth Ave (it's a huge shopping district on the 
Lower East Side, and it's where the Empire State Building is). 
The sun was lighting all the beautiful glass buildings very 
nicely. I wish I had the sense to take some pictures but that 
would've seemed too touristy! 

Anyway, Haitian Guy and I were both falling asleep everytime we 
stopped somewhere, so I decided to get some more coffee at the 
local Starbucks. Mind you, sometime during the night he gave me 
that flannel shirt to wear because it was getting pretty chilly 
and took my grandma shawl. So we're sitting in Starbucks and I 
managed to get this snap:

SOMEHOW we managed to get all the way from West 72nd to East 
We went into Petco so I could pee and got a little lost trying 
to find the bathroom. It was there that I finally saw a mirror 
and realized that I looked like the hottest mess ever! But I had 
also been awake for over 24 hours at this point so I didn't 
really care haha.

So we take the train back to my house, napping at little 
intervals, and then get to my apartment. We both take a shower 
(separately, pervs! Haha!) and I change into something more 
comfortable. (Seriously, I walked way too long in those heels.) 
We then have some breakfast and take the bus over to my 
girlfriend's new apartment. She's getting married next month!

She, her maid of honor, Haitian Guy and I pile into a car and 
drive over to the bridal shop where and and the other 
bridesmaids have to get our dresses altered. Haitian Guy is 
sitting outside the fitting room, bored as fuck.

We FINALLY, FINALLY finish getting alterations, I get my 
measurements done (32-28-37.5! I have wide-ass hips!) and 
Haitian Guy and I take off to get back to my neighborhood.

We get back, I change into more comfortable shoes AGAIN and then 
walk the mile to my shopping district. I buy cute shoes for the 
wedding and cute underwear (TMI?) and Haitian Guy is following 
me around holding the bra up to his chest and asking random 
passerby if they think it'll look good on him. They laughed, I 
groaned, it was pretty nice.

Shopped for a little while longer (poor guy was losing his mind) 
and then finally got back to my place. Watched some Boondocks 
and then passed out, both of us snoring away. We had been pretty 
much out and about for 40 hours at that point. Woke up, talked 
about some stuff, and then he went on home. I passed out about 
an hour later, finally getting real sleep!

Woke up this morning, texted him about what a fun weekend we've 

Just gonna leave this here so I can pair it with the grandma 
shawl picture:

All in all, I don't think I've walked so far and so long in a 
super long time and I'm just glad I had a great companion to 
share those awesome memories with.


  • Mood: Thrilled

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